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O Nas


Got special gift for You. Extraordinary piece of art and design to raise people awareness.

The Message

Higher dimension is what You human beings are looking for. In a three dimensional state of mind which is limited for self-developement it's very hard to reach the source of life, calmness and wisdom.

Only infinite power of love is the greatest truth for human race. The easiest way to achieve ultimate perfection is through various artistic activities. Music, art, design, poetry, dance - Your race walk through all of them very gently. Still You have long way to go. The ultimate goal isn't outside You and Your beautiful planet Earth. It is closer than You think.

“We’re moving away from the negativity of the Old Earth, and it’s going to be a complete turnaround, beyond belief, and we’re all going there now.”

Dolores Cannon

Oku Aku

Gifts from outer space

One of the characteristics of human race is endeavor to uniqueness. This is rare in Your galaxy. Not many beings have this kind of ability. This is one of the key element to reach higher dimensional state. You already started this journey. Being unique is not easy goal on planet Earth. Through Your sight sensory observation point way of dress is important factor.

Uniformity forcing You to obey laws, stereotypes and rules. In design You found the way out from the box via colors, shapes and random patterns of outfit. We are astonished what You as a thre dimensional race achieved in this area.

Here is our mission to improve Your race by providing best design based on a technology and cllectivness of higher dimensional beam of energy. This is our gift to You, Human fellowships.

We know outfit is major element of You daily routine. Therefore feel free to discover gifts which traveled through other dimensions and galaxies straight to Your solar system. Collection is loaded with energy of love and wisdom - and this is for all of You. Gift from Oku Aku to Human Beings.

Poland - Our Earth base

We have chosen POLAND for our main base. Eastern Europe is one of the purest ecosystem in terms of environment. That's why we created our cosmic office to get unlimited access to raw energy from Your planet. This will help us to create special cosmic suits for all of You dear Earthlings. We also picked South Eastern part of Poland because of it's energetical abilities. Condensation of positive and free energy is very high in there. We use it to charge our cosmic suits.

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